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When a woman tells her story, when she speaks openly about what she knows or lets her voice be heard, she inspires an entire world of other women. She helps them believe it is possible, she shows them a different way, she tells them they’re not alone.

Sharing is empowering. This is the kind of activism we believe in: a monthly online magazine mainly written by women who wish to share their knowledge and experience, in order to inspire other women.


#13 sister

Let’s look at us, women, for a moment. 

In fact, let me invite you to take more time than a moment, and reflect on how we see, treat and think of other women.

History has shown that it was easy to build competition among us; you know the saying: a lie told many times becomes the truth. And so we were told not to like our bodies, to compare ourselves to others, to see another woman as a possible threat, to be quiet and delicate instead of loud and strong (as if they were mutually exclusive), to fear aging, to crush our self worth and live in a constant impostor syndrome…

We know all this, don’t we? We know it, and yet, we think we fight it by saying that we’re against it.

Well, ladies, it’s not enough. Saying is not enough.

Três Irmãs
Marta Queiroz
Ocean Sisters

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Womanity Podcast is all about sincere, open talks: no filters, no editing afterwards. Just women being 100% women, bringing up their beauty, their emotions, their silences, their mistakes, their flaws, their successes, their achievements.

Womanity Podcast: empowering women through the words of other women.

Recorded with the help of the fabulous crew at Dizplay Soundlab Lisboa.

the episodes


Inês Correia

Do you like money? We all do, don’t we? And, yet, most of us, women, think of ourselves as unable to manage it. Well ladies, that’s something we can get rid of.

available at:


Catarina Barradas

Catarina Barradas is a woman who believes change is good even when it feels bad. Enough reason for us to share her thoughts and words with you.

available at:


Cristina Álvarez

Cristina Álvarez’s story is a story of how change is a true possibility of making our lives better and purposeful.

available at:


Teresa Dimas

‘I am a talking machine’, she says. Teresa Dimas tells the news at SIC Notícias. When she does it, she looks serious; but she doesn’t take herself very seriously.

available at:


Joana Marques

She sees everything. She watches everything and when she talks about what she has seen, she can be caustic, mordant, biting and utterly corrosive.

available at:


Telma Monteiro

If you say the name of Telma Monteiro to any Portuguese, whatever the age, you will see a huge smile opening on her or his face: Telma is the pride of us all.

available at:


Raquel Vaz Pinto

Raquel Vaz Pinto is a researcher, a professor, a well recognized expert in politics but, above all, a fervent lover of Benfica.

available at:


Tânia Graça

She is the blast of the moment: 29 years-old, 142k followers on Ig (and growing), tons of interactions on each post, story, reel… and growing.

available at:


Ana Markl

Ana Markl is a radio presenter, a screenwriter, an author, a mother of a young boy, and a feminist.

available at:


Sophie Picoto

Sophie is a Clinical Psychologist, a Krav Maga instructor, and she teaches women how to make their bodies roar.

available at:

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